We’re Back!

We’re Back!

Not that you’d notice – but we’re back in the office.

On 19th March 2020, we went somewhere we’d never been before – we went home!

As a company, we’ve always been used to working on the go, being agile, flexible and having our staff come and go; but we’d never been in a position where we closed the office doors completely, not knowing when we were going to reopen them.

Following an increase in threat from the 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19), the UK was anticipating the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to make an announcement regarding the safety of the country and the steps that society should take next to shield itself from the virus.

We decided that instead of waiting, we’d take action early to minimise disruption and maximise safety, so we downed tools, picked them up again and set up our individual homeworking solutions.

At Frontier, we had discussed the possibility of the whole company working from home many times, weighing up the pros and cons of a fully remote team.  We concluded that it was better for us as a team to be flexible and live the best of both worlds – after all there is no substitute for human interaction, organic conversation, passionate debate, and the sound of office laughter. 

So, when the situation arose, we were ready to take on ‘WFH’ life with very little disruption and no compromise on service.  

But that was 4 months ago and now we’re back!

The safety and wellbeing of our staff is and always has been our priority, so when we opened our doors once more, we took on the ‘COVID secure’ preparation challenge with every step in mind. Just as the rest of the corporate world has done, we went through our physical processes with a fine tooth comb, ensuring every step throughout the office was engulfed in infection control measures.

We taped all areas with 2 metre outlines, around each individual desk so each employee has their own safe space

We gave every person their own infection control pack, including hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial cleaning products, wipes and masks. 

We separated floors, so that staff are in their own bubbles. 

We even implemented our own Thermal Screening Solution to carry out temperature testing before staff enter the building.

We started by staging our employees in by department and floor, giving each person the opportunity to stay at home or return to the office on a rotation, and found that the more people returned to the office, the more we realised that being together was part of our culture and who we are. 

Being a relatively small team of 15 people, Frontier is built on the individual personality and passion of our people, so true, organic communication is important to keep the team integrated. Living a life on Microsoft Teams is great for a short while, but we learnt that being around each other is much more fulfilling and better for the overall wellbeing of our people.

Overall, the last few months have been a challenge for the entire world.  We’ve seen the country locked down and opened back up again.  We’ve seen the struggles of the highstreet, the increase of job losses and the unthinkable amount of suffering just in our country alone. 

We want to thank our customers and suppliers for their continued support in what has been a surreal and business changing environment, and as always, we thank our employees for carrying us through it all. 

It’s good to be back.