Understanding the right technology for your care business

Understanding the right technology for your care business

The road to better mobile cost control, smoother implementations and faster connectivity

We often hear from care providers about the headaches of mobile device management, cost control, connectivity issues and poor deals – not to mention the problem of sourcing and implementing the right mobile, IT and connectivity solutions in the first place. Let’s face it. It’s a major headache.

Having worked closely with Access’ Health and Social Care (HSC) Division for four years – and having recently become an official technology partner – we understand the critical part that these elements play in ensuring the software and technology work well together.

At the Frontier Group we provide mobile, tablet and IT technology – alongside connectivity solutions such as VOIP, landlines, broadband, super-fast fibre and leased lines – to many industries, with a dedicated division for domiciliary and residential care. Our in-house team spend a great deal of time immersed in the sector, so they understand the intricacies of the issues faced. Here are just a few ways we can help:

Greater control and support for domiciliary care

1) Better cost management

Controlling mobile device charges is a major problem for most care organisations. In fact, measures are often neverput in place to keep a lid on spend for the duration of the contract. And that’s where the real problems start. When we analysed our data, we found that 94% of those organisations that didn’t have Mobile Device Management (MDM) in place, suffered uncontrolled overspend.

With MDM, you can lock down devices so that carers can’t go ‘rogue’, using Facebook, Twitter or any other non-business applications. Mobile phones can easily rack up hundreds of pounds of charges if not securely locked. That’s why we always recommend MDM; it also means we can monitor activity in the background. Even if a SIM card is taken out and put into another device, we know straightaway.

As a work-only device, it also helps to maintain security from a GDPR perspective, given the sensitive information it contains on clients. It’s certainly much safer than letting carers use their own phones as not only would you have to pay them an allowance, it’s not secure, and staff can do what they want with it.

2) Smoother implementation

Another area of worry for care providers is the implementation of these devices and solutions. You’ve got the software but what next? Realising you suddenly need to source and set up mobile devices for 100 carers is no laughing matter. It puts many business owners and directors off moving forward with their digital transformation or indeed upgrading their devices so everything runs more smoothly.

Part of our solution is to deliver the price point, implementation and the full roll out of all the technology. Having someone who is in control of both the cost, security, implementation and support takes a huge headache away, leaving you and your team focused on delivering great care.

Faster, more reliable connectivity in residential care

Broadband is a massive deal for residential and care homes residents. Given there could be 70 or 80 people trying to access the internet at any one time, an ordinary domestic broadband connection just isn’t fit for purpose.

Any connectivity solutions need to be based on capacity. If a resident is in their room and they can’t connect to the internet, have FaceTime with relatives or email them, it dramatically reduces their satisfaction level – and most importantly their connection with the outside world. This can’t be underestimated.

Likewise, care homes need to ensure that they have good connectivity so that their business software runs smoothly – and fast – over Wi-Fi. We often suggest putting in a dedicated line so that carers can carry out their work on tablets without slow connectivity causing difficulties.

The other factor to consider is that having good connectivity in place opens up a whole host of opportunities. You can start thinking about cloud solutions and hosted telephony as well as handsets in resident rooms, with free calls between them using voice over IP (VOIP). After all, the better experience you provide for patients and service users – along with employees – the happier everyone will be.

Care sector enabler

Working with care providers on a consultancy basis, we look at what your organisation is doing now and where you want to be in two years’ time. Only then is a solution suggested that supports the Access software and the wider organisation. This includes providing the best contract deals, which can make all the difference (we work with the main mobile providers such as Vodafone, O2 and EE to create packages that are only available to Access clients).

Together with Access, we’re able to offer care providers a bespoke end-to-end solution with on-site assistance – effectively becoming your mobile division to help support and fix any problems. And because we’re an Access technology partner, our team is trained on the software too. If a phone isn’t working, we’ll check the network, the handsets and the software. With a direct link into Access’ support desk, clients have the comfort of knowing we’re never going to leave them stranded – and we believe our 97% client retention rate is a testament to that.

You can find out more about the Frontier Group here or feel free to contact us directly on 0800 124 4348. We’re always happy to discuss the challenges you face in your care business – and to help you resolve them.

Client quote breakouts:

“We engaged Frontier in November 2018 to transfer over 1,500 connections from 14 locations across England and Wales. The transition has been expertly managed. The vast majority of our employees work remotely so timing was key. Small issues that have arisen have been reviewed and handled with a cool head to ensure the best outcome for our care workers.” – Julianne Baker, CFO, MiHomecare & Complete Care

“To date we have never had any issues or concerns with the service delivery, account management, implementation of new service development including upgrades, mobile changes or contract reviews. The responsiveness to queries has been excellent since commencement of service and the team are exceptional, professional and work in collaboration with their customer.” – Shauna Irwin, Operations Manager, North West Care

“A key factor in our successful partnership has been Frontier’s flexibility. Our staff are dispersed over 200 sites so having Frontier manage the logistics of delivery and setup of our equipment has really helped our small internal team cope with the complexities of such a large scale deployment.” – John Cameron, IT Lead, Cornerstone