Thermal Screening Solution

Thermal Screening Solution | Getting You Back to Work

Frontier are excited to launch our new Thermal Screening Solution, ideal for workplaces like offices, factories, care homes, retail stores and more.

Our Thermal Screening Device comes fully configured out of the box, with a stand, instruction kit and PPE starter kit.

Used at the very first point of entry into any building, the device is setup and calibrated to screen the skin temperature of staff and visitors.

Once setup, the device will be placed on a stand at the entry point desired and will scan the face and body of each person that passes through.

It will then give a quick verdict, giving you a simple affirmation that you are not experiencing an elevated skin temperature.

If the subject’s skin temperature is elevated, the device will sound an alarm and advise you to proceed with caution.

It is then recommended that you advise your employee or visitor to take a 15 minute isolated break, to acclimatise to the surroundings and mitigate any other possible contributing factors to an elevated temperature (for example, having run to work).

After this, a retest should be performed and the company process accordingly.

This solution is an innovative and affordable way to take precaution in the workplace, to protect staff and visitors from potential infection.

The device itself cannot detect infection, but will only advise on skin temperature.

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