The ISDN Switchoff – What Does It Mean For You?

The ISDN Switchoff – What Does It Mean For You?

What is ISDN?

ISDN – or Integrated Service Digital Network – has been around since 1986. Owned and implemented by BT in the late 80s and early 90s, it was the best and most up to date technology of it’s time, allowing internet and voice to run on digital lines simultaneously.

In 2015, BT notified the world that they were planning the phase out of ISDN to make room for newer technologies. They told us they’d no longer be taking new orders as of 2020 and would be switching off the network in 2025.

All traditional telephone systems run off this network, making this a pretty big deal in the telecoms world.

VOIP takeover
The reason the switch off is happening now, is to enable resources and development in other areas, such as VOIP. VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – is designed to give us the ability to make calls over data services, rather than traditional phone lines. It routes calls over the internet, instead of using physicalwires. VOIP is already widely adopted across the UK and relieves the need for copper wires, making it usually cheaper and easier to maintain.

VOIP is usually a better solution to ISDN for numerous reasons;

– It’s easy to increase your users and expand your systems with VOIP. Adding and removing users is low cost, quick, easy and efficient (but you can leave that to us).

– The ability to work from anywhere at any time is a reality with a VOIP system, as calls can be directed anywhere, even mobiles – particularly helpful in disaster recover.

– Choose a number from any geographical location, so you can appear to becalling from a local number.

– With VOIP, replacing a traditional phone system and the capex it comes with becomes redundant. A VOIP system means much less initial layout and more affordable monthly payments.

do I have a choice?
Eventually, all businesses will have to adopt VOIP technology, which is why we’re letting you know now. From next year, no new orders will be taken for traditionalsystems and the support by BT will stop as of 5 years later in 2025.

what can I do?
We can talk you through the steps, timing and process of switching from a traditional system and we’ll even train your staff on how to use their shiny new phones.