Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung Galaxy A10

The Galaxy A10’s 6.2″ Infinity-V Display delivers a stunning, immersive experience, so users can work, view documents, and watch movies easier; while its slender 8.1mm body and glossy plastic finish fits perfectly into their hand.

The A10 features a powerful 3,400 mAh battery that packs enough charge to help users stay productive.

Checking emails, updating documents and taking conference calls on the move is no problem. Boasting generous built-in storage users will have plenty of space for documents, photos, presentations or any files they need to stay productive.

The A10 is secure. Protected by Samsung Knox, Samsung’s defence grade security platform built from the chip up.

While the Secure Folder application means users can keep work and personal information separate and protected on a single device.

If users accidentally misplace their A10 they can easily locate it using Find My Mobile, which also allows them to remotely lock the screen and back up information to the Samsung Cloud. The A10 boasts a high-quality 13MP rear and 5MP front camera to help users take the perfect photos for work, in any conditions.

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