Providing innovation in care to improve the way you communicate

Providing innovation in care to improve the way you communicate

Jess Lawrence, Marketing Manager

Over the past 5 years Frontier Group and Access Health & Social Care have worked together to bring a streamlined service to Care Organisations looking to elevate their processes through technology and digital transformation.

Working together, the two companies provide fully managed, end to end solutions, to support you through the digitalisation of your care company. Right from the very start we have strived to build a synergy in the way we work, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your care planning communications are in the hands of healthcare technology experts.

From your care planning solutions, to your handsets and tariffs, we aim to provide a supported journey from start to finish.

Access customers receive the full benefit of the Frontier Care Services team – a dedicated division within the Group, focused on care sector communications.

Frontier Care Services are an advanced, well established and experienced team of telecoms experts, specialising in healthcare communications.

Looking after services such as mobiles, tablets, telephone systems, connectivity and bespoke visitor management solutions (COVID control), our team aim to support Access customers in any way they can, to give a seamless experience, revolutionising the way your business works.

Our teams are trained in Access HSC applications, giving you first line diagnostics and tech support should you need it. This means we’re with you throughout every process, from implementing your solution, configuring your mobile and tablet devices, rolling out your care planning software, securing your technology with anti-virus and device management and developing a tailored customer service plan for ongoing support.

Frontier Care Services manages over 10,000 Access Health & Social Care users, including names like healthcare giant North West Care;

“The Frontier Group has supplied mobile phones to North West Care and Support Ltd, part of the North West Independent Health Care Group since September 2014. We are the largest private health care provider in Northern Ireland; we have a hospital, recruitment agency and domiciliary care division. The service they provide is solely for the domiciliary care division at this stage, but this is under review. Frontier supply and manage the contract for 700 mobile phone devices which increases on a quarterly bases as the company develops and expands. To date we have never had any issues or concerns with the service delivery, account management, implementation of new service development including upgrades, mobile changes or contract reviews. The responsiveness to queries has been excellent since commencement of service and the team, are exceptional, professional and work in collaboration with their customer. I have no hesitation in recommending Frontier to any organisation.” Shauna Irwin, Operations Manager, North West Care.

How we can help;

Mobiles, Tablets and IOT Devices – For your teams

Depending on the way your business works, you’ll need mobiles, or tablets, or a mixture of both. Our devices are Partner Approved, meaning every device type we recommend to Access customers has been tested in house by both their developers and ours. This is to ensure that your carer’s device experience is of the highest standard possible when they’re doing what they do best.

We recommend devices and tariffs based on your requirements. We’ll have a discovery call with your experts to decipher what you need and then build a bespoke plan to suit your business.

Our tariffs come with a minutes, text and data allowance, based on what we predict you’ll be using; or if you already have a tariff provider, we’ll analyse your historic bills and recommend an allowance based on what you already use.
With the recent release of our brand new Care Unlimited package, inclusive of everything you need to move over to a full solution, you are safe in the knowledge that your device fleet is looked after proactively and professionally and your carers can communicate without limits.

Access Health and Social Care customers can also benefit from one month free Care Unlimited, giving you a head start with your new communications plan.

Moving To The Cloud – For your offices

It’s not only important to have a flexible, agile mobile workforce in care, but an adaptable, robust back office infrastructure too.

We often hear from businesses struggling to keep up with customer demand, simply due to their outdated, unreliable systems and processes; no business can elevate their operations without the functionality to do so.

With the ISDN switch off looming, businesses will soon have no choice but to move to the cloud – and with the help of the healthcare comms experts, you can be ready to switch to a more, scalable, reliable, feature rich telephone system as soon as you’re out of contract.

We can work with you to unify your communications to a more sophisticated, streamlined system, with the kind of functionality you need – whether that’s desk phones, DECT phones, video conferencing or full integration.

COVID Control – For your visitors

With the recent rise in the need for Digital Visitor Management Systems, due not only to the global pandemic, but the introduction of the 2018 GDPR regulations, care organisations are now more conscious than ever that they need to keep track of their visitors and staff.

We have a variety of new, innovative technologies that can not only keep a log of who is coming through the door, but their clock in time, visit length and even their temperature. Whether you’re looking for an added level of security or advanced COVID control as part of an ongoing project, we can recommend a solution based on your specific requirements.
Used across the country in many different settings, these solutions can be tailored to your need, meaning you can add sanitising stations, QR code scanners and even go contactless.

Care Communications Review – For your organisation

For companies looking to switch, save, improve or align their communications, we’d recommend a full review of your infrastructure. Working in partnership with your teams, we’ll conduct a complete analysis of what you currently have in place, from your office broadband and your lines and calls, to your mobiles, tablets and device security.

We’ll take a look at each service and breakdown exactly what you’re getting for your money. Then we’ll talk to you about your strategy, goals and objectives, to ensure we’re giving you a futureproofed solution that fits in with your plans.
If you’d like to talk to us about your devices, tariffs, phone systems or connectivity, or just want some impartial advice around your communications as a whole, get in touch and we’ll direct you to one of our Frontier Care Services experts.

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