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Care Communication Review

Being in the Health & Social Care sector can be tough, especially when it comes to having the right resources. We know you want better systems, better communication and better ways of working, but don’t always have the budget to enable growth and success. That’s why we created the Frontier Care Services division. We work with health care organisations and charities, such as Age UK, Home Instead and

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New Frontiers On The Horizon

When conducting our annual review of the business, we took a step back to understand exactly what we were doing right. We realised that market differentiation is a key factor in separating us from a typical technology company. So we asked, ‘what makes us different?’ The answer we found was the one we were reaching for from the very beginning and that was Customer Experience. From business launch,

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Jess’ Best Apps For Business

How many times have you come across something on your phone or tablet and not had the time to read it? I am a serial-self-emailer, so I tend to come across something on the internet and think ‘Fantastic, looks helpful, will read later’ and then email it to myself. However, because I am a serious notification freak, I can’t stand having unread items in any kind of inbox.

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