New Frontiers On The Horizon

New Frontiers On The Horizon

When conducting our annual review of the business, we took a step back to understand exactly what we were doing right. We realised that market differentiation is a key factor in separating us from a typical technology company. So we asked, ‘what makes us different?’ The answer we found was the one we were reaching for from the very beginning and that was Customer Experience.

From business launch, we knew that the customer’s journey was the most vital part of the process; we wanted to change the stereotype and that’s just what we did.

Nearly 7 years on, we have kept out promise, and our core values remain the same. That’s why we’re expanding. We’re creating new channels and news ways of communicating, to make sure that as we grow, our customers come with us.

With a new office, new Account Managers and a total brand refresh, we remain the same company from the inside, expanding the outer.

So what’s changed?

Team expansion – well, our ‘best in business’ customer service team are still here and with you every step of the way and they’re training our new additions to be just as dedicated.

We’ve moved office – not too far from where we built our team, but with more room for more people to look after you.

We’ve opened up our new Care Services division – a part of the business that focuses solely on our customers within the care sector, that gives them bespoke tariffs suited to carers. Within the Care Services sector, is a separate customer care team, just for the industry.

New look – we’ve updated our logos, brochures and website! We thought, since we feel as though we know our customers and would like to think our customers know us too, we would give you more of an insight to the people that look after you on a daily basis. You’ll find your Account Manager on our website, so you can get to know them a little better. You’ll also see some familiar faces in our brochure, so keep a look out!


So that’s it! A new look, new faces and a new space, with the same fundamental values that we pride ourselves on.