Introducing the Portal and Portal Mini

Introducing the Portal and Portal Mini

The way we communicate has changed, and we are living through the Digital Revolution.

We have radios that talk to us, dinner that arrives to us and even cars that can drive for us.

So it’s easy for us to forget, that whilst we have been able to mould our lives around technology, there are still people in the world that need a helping hand when it comes to digitalising some parts of their every-day lives.

We reached out to our suppliers and did some background research to find the easiest way for people with little experience, to be able to use technology to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Introducing the Portal and Portal Mini…

The Portal and Portal Mini tablets – 10’’ and 8’’ respectively – are brand new, easy to use tablets, recommended for video calling over wi-fi.

At under £120, these tablets can help your loved ones stay in contact with the wider world, through in-built video calling via Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Both of the same specification – including a 13MP Smart Camera – your Portal will pan and zoom throughout your video call, so you always stay in shot. With its automatic wider view, it’ll also recognise if someone walks into the room and widen the frame to bring everyone into focus. Smart Sound also means that your voice will enhance and your background noise will be kept to a minimum, as you’re catching up on conversation.

It even features a kickstand, so it can be positioned as a picture frame, which can primarily be better and more efficient for video calls, but also means you can set it up to display your photos, just like a digital photo frame.

The Portals do include other advanced features – such as built in Alexa – so you can control your home system through it too.

So for us, this affordable, easy-to-use technology is a no brainer when it comes to keeping connected in a modern world, all you need now is to choose the size!

If you or someone you know would benefit from this type of technology, you can contact us on the details below and download the datasheet for more detailed specifications.

Please note: users must have a wi-fi connection