How To Find Your Phone’s IMEI Number

How To Find Your Phone’s IMEI Number

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to find your phone’s unique IMEI number, just follow the steps below. You may need this when sending a handset for repair, trade-in, or to find out information about your device.


  1. Open your dial pad as if you were going to make a phone call
  2. Dial the number *#06# (star, hash, zero, six, hash)
  3. Your IMEI number will pop up on screen, this is your phones unique code.


If you can’t access your main screen and you have an iPhone, some models display the IMEI number on the back of the handset, below the iPhone lettering in smaller writing.

If you have an Android or Windows handset, you may find the IMEI number on the SIM tray inside the device (this works on some models of iPhone too). To find this follow the steps below:


  1. Find your SIM tray pin, this may be in your original box, and will be a small pointed object.
  2. Put the pointed end into the hole in the SIM tray, this is usually on the right hand side of your device.
  3. Push the pin in until the SIM tray pops out – be careful as your SIM card should be sitting loose in the tray.
  4. Your SIM number may be located on the inside of the SIM tray.


If none of the above resolves your issue, please contact your Account Manager. You can reach them through our contact us page.