Great communications are not just for homeworking

Great communications are not just for homeworking

In the new age of technology, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring any communications system implemented is reliable, scalable and futureproofed.

Now, more than ever before, we’re relying on our technology to run our businesses – after all, we’re only as efficient as the systems we use.

We often hear from businesses struggling to keep up with customer demand, simply due to their outdated, unreliable systems and processes; no business can elevate their operations without the functionality to do so, and this usually starts with a technology review.

One unexpected nudge into the future came from the 2019-2020 infamous, global pandemic.

Over the last six months we’ve seen businesses take the long overdue leap into the digital world, hanging up their office keys and adjusting their webcams as they joined the technological revolution.

We’re now seeing businesses streamline their technology, as the ‘Working From Home’ movement has ironed out any misaligned conversations. We as a population used to use all kinds of different channels to connect – mobiles, desk phones, conference lines – whereas now we generally accept that video conferencing is the future and the best way to make a true connection.

No matter which platform we’re using or who we may be talking to, we are more comfortably connected than ever before.

With Unified Communications systems set to completely replace traditional PBX’s in the next 5 years due to the ISDN switch off, the addition of collaborative software gives us the platform to combine all of our communications from wherever we are.

Videocall, conferencing, chat and screen share has changed the way the business world works, almost overnight, with the transition and roll out being less complex than most people anticipated.

Although the pandemic has shifted focus and need to homeworking, the world of unified comms was built for businesses operating both on and off site.  This makes the complete model perfect for organisations of any scale, in the office, remote working or a mixture of both.

So what kind of systems are available to us?

That depends on what you want to be able to do with it.

We know there’s nothing worse than being oversold a system with hundreds of advanced functions that your business would never use, but we also know that there is so much more out there than just a desk phone and a email platform. We want to help you improve the way your employees communicate – with their colleagues, customers and suppliers – with a solution built for you.

With our basic technology review, we’ll work backwards from the past. We’ll take a look at your historic processes, plans and problems and see where you can take your business through changing the way you communicate.

One of favourite all round solutions is our truly unified solution – Frontier Smarter Working, powered by Wildix.

Frontier Smart Working – or FSW – is a complete, collaborative, unified communications solution, built for businesses ready to embrace a full Smarter Working model.

Scalable, affordable, flexible and reliable – our system has the capacity to be whatever you want it to be.

With its unique browser interface and mobile app, video conferencing, chat, screen share and presence features are accessible anywhere, any time, through any device, meaning your whole organisation can connect in a more efficient and transparent way, being more productive than ever before.

We realise that not everybody is ready to take the plunge into a computer-only platform, which is why Frontier Smart Working is available with or without the addition of hardware, such as desk phones, DECT phones, headsets, videoconferencing cameras and more.  Full integration means your hardware and software work seamlessly together, giving you the full unified experience of calls, chat, video, screen share and presence, all in one unique system.

Monitoring and reporting functions are also readily available and easy to use, with live call monitoring and wall boards, perfect for teams small and large.

For more information on how to move your communications to a one platform, streamlined solution, get in touch for a demo.