Frontier Group and Tech Trust Partner Up to Offer Technology Advice and Products to Charities

Frontier Group and Tech Trust Partner Up to Offer Technology Advice and Products to Charities

Frontier Group and Tech Trust are pleased to announce a streamlined partnership, in an effort to offer nationwide charities advice and assistance when it comes to new technologies in the ever evolving digital world.

The opportunity was first discovered when both parties attended an event held by The Access Group, a Strategic Partner of Frontier.  Frontier have worked with The Access Group for many years, as a technology partner to their customers.  The event – Access World – held in November 2018, was the start of a conversation between Frontier’s Head Of Alliances and Strategic Partnerships, Tina Owen and Tech Trust’s Jonathan Chevallier, CEO.

Frontier Group are a well known name within the Health and Social Care and Charity sectors, having launched a dedicated division in 2016 – Frontier Care Services.  Frontier Care Services has a large customer base within these sectors, working with healthcare product providers to bring exclusive, low cost rates to the industry.

Tech Trust currently works with over 32,000 charities, providing advice and guidance around technology, giving not-for-profit organisations greater access to technology from world-leading providers.

After numerous conversations, both organisations found there was a synergy between them, creating a platform to inform and educate charities, together.

Frontier Group and Tech Trust together, aim to bring a streamlined approach to charities looking to advance their communications and move forward into the digital world.

Since the launch of the project in January 2019, the partnership has gone from strength to strength.  Frontier have not only tailored specific tariffs for Tech Trust registered charities, including exclusive mobile contract, broadband offerings and hardware deals, but have built a dedicated portal for customers to visit, to view and place orders directly.

Frontier and Tech Trust now plan to market the partnership together, in the form of joint events, online content, newsletters and webinars, to create a reliable, trusted source of information for charities across the UK.

Visit Tech Trust’s website to find out more: