Free and discounted tools for staying connected, for your carers, remote workers, and your residents

Free and discounted tools for staying connected, for your carers, remote workers, and your residents

Staying connected in a digital world can feel like a task, especially within the current environment.

We’ve put together some recommended solutions to help you figure out how you can go digital, whether it’s for your remote workers, your carers or your residents.

All the solutions below are either free or heavily discounted, to help your business, staff and clients stay connected during this time.

If you’d like any advice around any of the recommended solutions, contact our Customer Service team on 0800 124 43 48, or email

For Your Remote Workers

  1. Horizon Collaborate | 4 Months Free | Existing Horizon Customers

Horizon Telephone Systems are used widely across the country, as a desk-based telephone system that uses VOIP technology – or Voice Over Internet Protocol – usually within business environments. Because of its integration with the internet – compared to a traditional telephone system – it can host product add-ons and is hugely flexible and scalable.

Horizon Collaborate is a subscription within the Horizon Telephone System, whereby you can turn your office workers to a remote system, with the addition of the Collaborate software.

Turn your desk phone system into softphones, on either your mobile, laptop or desktop – keeping your office phone numbers, call handling, auto attendants and hunt groups for an easy way to quickly go digital.

You can benefit from;

  • Desktop and app sharing
  • Voice and video calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Video & document sharing

You can take a look at the full features, by watching the Collaborate video here.

Horizon Collaborate is usually priced at around £5 per user per month – but is free until the end of June 2020.

  1. Slack Instant Messaging | Free Version | New and Existing Customers

Slack – a tool to replace email within your organisation – can be used by companies of all sizes to organise conversations into particular channels.

It’s is described as a ‘collaboration hub’ or ‘chat room for your whole company’ where you can split different projects and conversations down, to keep everything in the right place.

Slack is used specifically in businesses that need to chat in multiple groups, or about different projects, so each conversation is separate and specific to that channel.

Functionality includes instant messaging, sharing of files and images, integration with apps such as Google Drive and Office 365 and much more.

Slack has a free option for smaller businesses that want to keep instant communication flowing internally. See their options here.

  1. Zoom Video Conferencing | Free Version | New and Existing Customers

If it’s just a simple video conferencing software you’re looking for, without the messaging, channels and advanced features, Zoom is a great way to keep in touch for free. As a business, Frontier try to promote voice and video communication where possible, with customers and employees alike, so we have replaced all phone calls with video calls whilst we’re not in the office.

Zoom has a free tier, that lets you host video conferences with up to 100 participants for up to 40 minutes at a time – it’s even being used in Parliament!

Boris Johnson hosted his cabinet meeting last month using this exact tool, with all MP’s visible from their individual social distancing situations.

It’s also being widely used on a domestic level, with people hosting family quiz nights, virtual hen parties and even dinner dates, using the software whilst in lockdown.

Take a look here

For Your Carers

  1. Additional handsets | 3 Months Free | Existing Frontier Customers

Our customers know that they always come first.

And we know that additional headcount for your residents means additional handsets and care planning apps. To ease the financial strain on our care customers, we’re offering 3 months free line rental for any additional handsets you might need during the pandemic in the UK. This includes a handset for your carers, your SIM, allowance, and full device configuration, so that your handsets are ready, fully setup for your carers to use before they arrive.

For full details, read here

  1. Unlimited Data | Discounted | Existing Vodafone Customers

Vodafone have announced a range of Emergency Products for their customers, with the most valuable being their unlimited data offer.

Particularly useful for employees out in the field using more than their average share of data, business customers can now upgrade their numbers to unlimited data for 3 months, for an extra £15 per month.

Vodafone are also offering additional connections for unlimited data for £15 per month, again giving a short term contract of 3 months.

These connections can be used in a Mobile Broadband device – a device used to provide a data hotspot, that can connect multiple devices at once.

This can be of benefit to staff that are working from home, that have a poor broadband connection or no broadband at all, as they can connect their mobile phone, laptop, and even their digital radio up to a Mobile Broadband.

  1. Device Management on your Carers Personal Devices | Discounted | New and Existing Customers

Staying in touch with your carers can be tough when they’re using their own personal devices. Device Management Software can be used to have a little more control, when your staff are using their own phones for work purposes.

Mobile Device Management – also known as MDM or EMM – is a type of secure control software, that allows the enforcement of policies, processes, documents and management on devices such as mobiles and tablets.

With the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ model, the software can be installed onto existing handsets owned by a company, or onto employees’ personal handsets.

It gives you the following functionalities;

  • Push notifications to staff, like rota changes and company announcements
  • Allow specific apps such as corporate email and company planning apps
  • Prevent 3rd party data sharing with app restrictions
  • Push business content to content libraries on the handset
  • Enforce passwords and PINs on handsets to give extra protection to devices

Device Management Software is available at a discounted rate for care organisations from Frontier – you can read more about the software here

For Your Residents

  1. Facebook Portal Tablet | Discounted | New and Existing Customers

Isolation can be extremely difficult, especially for residents of care homes. After the UK Governments announcement last month, advising elderly and vulnerable people must quarantine for at least 4 months, there have been many anecdotes and viral videos of how people are coming to terms with social distancing.

One way to give your residents the freedom to stay connected in a modern world, is through video call.

The new Facebook Portal and Portal Mini tablets are an affordable and easy way for residents to keep in touch with their friends and family. Built for easy video calling through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, this tablet is easy to use and has a kick stand – so your residents can go hands-free when talking to their loved ones.

The Portal has been heavily discounted due to the current situation, with £50 off until mid April.

Read our write up here.

  1. Huawei T3 MediaPad + Device Management | Discounted | New and Existing Customers

Another tablet option – either for your residents or your staff – is the Huawei T3 Mediapad. This tablet is another affordable alternative to the higher end, more costly options, when considering how to keep in touch.

We’re offering a discount of not only the tablet itself, but the Device Management it comes with, along with free setup and configuration of each device, so that you can be confident your residents have only the apps they need.

We recently supplied over 100 of the Huawei T3’s to a care home, and configured them to show a very simple setup, so their residents know exactly how to navigate them.

We installed all of their residents favourite applications, including all of the following; Skype, Zoom, Facebook, What’s App,BBC iplayer, 4OD, Netflix, ITV Hub, You Tube, BBC Sounds, Timeless, Wordsearch, Solitaire and Scrabble.

This meant that when residents received their new devices, they could easily find all of their favourite past times, straight out of the box.

The Huawei T3 Mediapad is available for a limited period at £99 + VAT, with Device Management reduced from £3 per month, to £2.70 ex VAT.

For any advice around your communications setup, going digital or remote working, contact the Frontier Group on the details below and we’ll help you understand what infrastructure you currently have, and how to use it to it’s full potential in todays climate.

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