Since the introduction of the GDPR policy in 2018, companies – especially care homes – have had to become even more vigilant when it comes to staff, visitors and contractors.

Personal data can no longer be stored safely in a traditional visitor book and left out on an open counter-top as data must only be kept for very specific reasons.

This, in conjunction with the devastating 2019-2020 pandemic, has seen organisations require more advanced way to track who comes in and out of their premises.

The requirement to keep track of your people in a more sophisticated way goes hand in hand with the changes in of the wider environment, and so Frontier have once again expanded our communications portfolio to meet our customers needs.

As such we’re now providing a Digital Visitor Solution that encompasses a variety of benefits, all of which are designed to ensure your business is safe, data compliant and GDPR secure to protect the integrity and reputation of your company.

One product we have recently launched, is the tried and tested EntrySign system, currently being used in manufacturing, education, health and social care, and retail stores all over the UK.

The solution boasts a variety of features, from digital sign in, to temperature screening, with additional advanced features such as contactless entry, hand sanitisation, One-Click Emergency Evacuation Roll Call, Time and Attendance monitors and Easy Access to Records, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your business will be both data and COVID secure.

With EntrySign, your visitors can use contactless technology to sign in, giving you a central database of who is arriving and spending time at your organisation.  The system can then force temperature screening of your visitors and staff, alerting you and the user if their body temperature is elevated.  This information can then be used to make a more advanced decisions on who you allow entry onto the premises. You will then have a secure digital record of people, making contact tracing, fire evacuations and visitor history management an easy task.

Other add-ons include easy-refill touch-free hand sanitiser stations that are counter fixed and door handle sanitisers that promote a consistent approach throughout your premises with your contactless system.

So that the solution adheres to your business guidelines and any regulatory requirements, you can customise the questions asked of those entering the premises to ensure your digital sign-in is as effective and comprehensive as is necessary, giving you the opportunity to perform market research, ask security questions, or even get people to confirm they have no symptoms of the Coronavirus or Flu.

Watch the video below for a more detailed overview: