Culture Blog

Culture Blog

At the start of the new year we stopped to pause for thought.  We realised that Frontier had grown so rapidly over the past couple of years that we had hardly had chance to look back and take in our achievements. We went through so many changes internally; a new website, a brand refresh, a new division and introduced many new faces into the business since 2016.

We knew that what made us so successful in such a short space of time was the tight-knit, communicative company culture, which on reflection had been the reason for our successful expansion.

Culture has always been important to us at Frontier, we believe that through investing in people, people will invest in us – which is true for employees and customers alike.

We know that to be on the right path, with the right people, we must make sure that everything we do is aligned.  From recruitment, to business decisions, to the customer service we demonstrate, every process must match our culture.  This is why we decided to step back, analyse ourselves and the way we do things and pinpoint a company culture statement that reflects what we already do.

The exercise we underwent involved everyone in the business spending time focusing on what we do and why we do it.  We came up with anecdotes of particular moments of satisfaction and pride during each of our careers at Frontier and shared them among ourselves.

We shared phrases that best described our ‘why’ and ‘how’ and what made us different to other providers and networks.

From this, we discussed how the phrases could work together to reflect our business as a whole.

What came out of our discussions was our new company culture statement.

With this statement we commit to basing every business decision – be it taking on someone new, changing an internal process or looking at our approach to our customers – with this in mind.

We shall always revert back to our statement to ensure we are still on the right path, for our customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

‘We build relationships on trust and care, empowering people through innovation and communication.  Together we make lives easier.’

We hope you agree that our statement reflects the way we have always operated and will continue to do so in the future.