Case Study

zenith people

“Renowned for our personal and hardworking approach, we are trusted and expert recruitment consultants with an unrivalled knowledge of the North East recruitment market.”

Zenith People, a friendly and professional recruitment agency based in the North East of England, have been a customer of Frontier’s for some time now. Back in 2015, we visited Zenith’s offices at Monkton Business Park, to take an in depth look at their current telecoms infrastructure.

Alan Metcalfe, Commercial Director of Zenith People, gave us an insight into the way the company worked, explaining that they needed a flexible, changeable and up-to-date solution to enable their employees to work just as effectively outside of the office as they do inside.

The system we recommended would give Zenith just that; fast, reliable connectivity, a telephone system that integrated desk phones and mobiles into one, and a portal that allowed for instant changes to be made to that system.
Hear more about what we did for Zenith, from Alan Metcalfe, below;

Before we went to the Frontier Group, we didn’t realise how flexible systems could be