Care Unlimited – Your Peace Of Mind Package

Care Unlimited – Your Peace Of Mind Package

Jess Lawrence, Marketing Manager

Over the past few months we’ve seen the world grasp on to technology like never before – now more than ever we’re relying on machines to help us do our jobs, so we can do them faster and more efficiently than we ever thought was possible.

With this shift in behaviour across nearly all industries we’re leaning on the one thing that keeps us all connected – the internet. With our every day devices now more advanced than those we used to land on the moon, we’re relying on the networks behind them to keep them powered to their full potential. So when the priority of our work lives is being connected to a device, we need to know that we can work without limits.
Care Unlimited is a brand new tariff from the Frontier Group, exclusive to care organisations. This new Unlimited tariff gives you the peace of mind you need for your carers, to enable them to do whatever they need to in a working day.

Care Unlimited comes from the Care Services division within the Frontier Group, dedicated to the communications of the Health and Social Care sector.

With Unlimited minutes, texts and data, you are safe in the knowledge that your regular usage is completely accounted for, giving you one thing less to worry about within your care organisation.

With a focused service division, we have worked with each network to offer bespoke tariffs alongside a tailored customer service approach, to build a true ‘peace of mind’ package for our clients.

This means not only are your staff mobiles and tablets in the safe hands of our teams, with bespoke reporting and monthly analytics, but you also feel the benefit of a worry-free usage plan, without the usual data constraints.

Your carers and staff are free to use their devices for whatever you allow and using our Enterprise Mobility Management Solution – EMM – we can help you control your devices too.

EMM comes included within the Care Unlimited package and is a critical tool for mobile and tablet management for any organisation. EMM allows you to manage, monitor, track and secure your devices, enabling you to take centralised control of your fleet, giving you the data security and anti-virus protection you need to use the technology.

Not only does EMM give you the advanced security features for your data protection and staff policies, but it enables you to keep track of how, where and when your devices are being used.

For any care organisation that is already using technology to help elevate patient care, they know that using mobiles, tablets and care planning software can transform a business into an efficient, well-oiled machine.

Care Unlimited is available to all CQC registered care organisations, whether you are upgrading your devices, looking to change tariffs and reduce costs, or just starting out on a digitalisation project.

If you’d like to talk to us, as a dedicated supplier to the industry, about the Care Unlimited plan or any other communications technology, you can fill out the form below

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