Alcatel 1S and 3L 2021

Alcatel 1S and 3L 2021

Two brand new Alcatel devices are coming to the UK, with release due in the next couple of months. 

The Alcatel 1S 2021 and the Alcatel 3L 2021 will eventually replace the 2020 versions, with an updated, fresh new look, with more features and improved software.

The Alcatel 1S 2021 will boast a slight increase in screen size, an improved chipset and an upgrade to the latest Android version 11.

Enhance your user experience with the 6.52 inch HD+ Vast Display and 13MP AI Triple camera, to give you the ultimate smartphone without the price tag. A smarter, smoother, sleeker experience with a faster processor and upgraded software will give your colleagues a better, more efficient handset to complete their daily tasks.

With features such as Face Key, fingerprint sensor and Google Assistant, your Alcatel 1S 2021 is more intuitive and user friendly than ever before.

The Alcatel 3L is the newest version in the 3 series – comparable to mid-range alternatives such as the Samsung AO2, Samsung A12 and Nokia 3.4 – this device gives you more features for your money than its high street rivals.

With its 48MP AI Camera, you can take razor sharp images and high-quality video, paired with a 6.52inch HD+ Vast Display screen, taking the viewing experience to new levels.

Boasting and improved processor, chipset and the latest Android 11 software, this device will enable your teams to work more effectively at a lower overall cost.

Download the datasheets for a full list of all the specifications.